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last updated on 20060124
The name of this site is  bindhast.com.

The Indian word `bindhast ' (adj, adv)  is formed by combining two words:  `bin ',  and  `dhast '.

`bin ' is normally used as a prefix, and
may have a Sanskrit, Farsi, and/or Arabic lineage.  `bin ' can be loosely translated into the English phrases `without ', `in absence of ' etc.  A closer fit is the word `sans'  in Francais.

`dhast ' comes from the word `dhasti' , which could translate into `fear ', `trepidation ', `concern ', etc.

So, the word `bindhast ' means `fearless ', `dreadnought', `bold ', `without trepidation ', etc  ...  Sort of an Asian  `What, Me Worry? '.

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