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About the name of this site

Some of the material available at this site is configured to be downloaded by the visitors.  Reasons are here .  Links on this page allow you to download all such material.

Material suitable for direct access is listed first :

current  feature

This is usually a short media-file, sometimes in the .mp3 format.  The current feature is changed at irregular intervals; but never more than once a week.    access  the  current  feature

material  for  direct  viewing

रज्जुचक्षू             पुण्यांत उपलब्ध झ़ालेल्या एका आधुनिक सेवेसंबंधीं श्री.मुकुंद टाकसाळेलिखित लेख ('साधना' मासिकांतून)
सुभाषितानि        संस्कृत भाषामें चन्द सुभाषित
अनल                 श्री. अनल आपटे यांच़ेबद्दल थोडीशी माहिती
नागपूरकर           श्री. अशोक नागपूरकर यांच्या तबियतीबद्दल वार्तापत्र
उ.फ़ै.हु.खाँ- cd   उ.फ़ैय्याज़ हुसैन ख़ाँ यांच्या व्हायोलिनवादनाची एक cd  दि. २०१२१००६ रोजीं प्रसिद्ध केली गेली. त्या cd  ची compressed आवृत्ति येथें सांपडेल.
carlin                The 'George Carlin Paradox'
मराठी_कीबोर्ड्   (Phonetic) keyboard for entering Marathi text
सिद्धपुरुष           (in the Marathi language) मराठी थिओसॉफ़िकल् फेडरेशन प्रकाशित दुर्मिळ पुस्तक  " सिद्ध पुरुष व त्यांचा संप्रदाय " , लेखक -- चिपळोणकर व भागवत
मेहफ़िल             अशी ही मेहफ़िल -- a report (in the Marathi language) on a musical concert in Pune
U235                Uranium Enrichment
deschool           "Deschooling Society" by Ivan Illich
USpassport      article by Boris Johnson:  "My right not to be American"
careers             article by Prayaag Joshi: "Morality of career choices"
gnu/linux               transcript of talks  "gnu/linux ... sociological observations from an Indian perspective"
haroldpinter          Playwright Harold Pinter's acceptance speech for the 2005 Nobel prize
desiderata        things to be desired
Build Your Own Privacy (point-to-point encryption); GPL
knrica               about  a  new  Indian  organisation
signs                `
signs  of  the  times '
transcription of Ohmkar's Science Experiment in Std 2
transcript of an old speech by  Dr  APJ  Abdul  Kalaam
              a report from gujarat
             amusing  stories ,  pictures , . . .
suggestions on how to talk at PLUG meetings

`items'  for  download

Material available for download is divided into `items', tabulated below. Each major item is a single compressed archive to be downloaded by the visitor.  For linux systems, each archive is a  .tgz  file.  For dos/windows systems,  each archive is a  .zip  file.

Before downloading any other items, please take a few minutes to download and expand the appropriate version (linux or dos) of the item  how2xpnd .  This is a 4-step procedure  :

1.  Choose your OS : gnu / linux   or dos / windows

2.  Expand the archive you just obtained in 1 :

     For linux, you downloaded the archive  1how2lnx.tgz .
    To expand it,  do the following :   $ gzip  -cd  1how2lnx.tgz  |  tar  xf  -
    This yields the desired local directory,  ./how2xpnd.lnx

     or  [ If your OS is dos or windows, you downloaded the archive 1how2dos.zip .
             To expand it, do the following at the dos-prompt :
             > pkunzip  -d  1how2dos.zip
             This yields the desired local directory,  .\how2xpnd.dos  ]

3.  Familiarise yourself with the contents of the local directory how2xpnd.xxx .  It contains information which enables you to easily acquire, expand, and install/use all other items.  It also provides means for checking each downloaded archive against contamination, before you accept it.

4.  Read the item checkvalues.

You are now ready to obtain any item in the following table, by clicking its link below :

link for

  how to download to your machine. download this first.
  then do this:  ... $  gzip  -cd  1how2lnx.tgz  |  tar  xf  -
  (for dos, do this:   >  pkunzip  -d  1how2dos.zip )
  for linux    for dos
  table of check-values for all downloadable archives
  for linux
for dos

  some gandhi quotes.  also complete autobiography in english   for linux   for dos
  some pictures (.bmp) and sounds (.wav)
  for linux
 for dos
  `build your own privacy' comm programme, v 0.3.  GPL
  for linux
 for dos
  `keyless' protocol for secure exchange of files, v 0.6 .  GPL     for linux for dos

yet to come ...

  BhugvudGita in Sanskrit, using mhrastri font

  the NASM assembler.  also sample programmes in NASM. GPL

Merry Bindhasting!

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