If  I  were  a  bird

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Here is a transcription of one of the essays by our son, Virinchi, while in grade 4.  His school paper, Young Expressions,  published it  in 1996.
-- Mukund and Jaya Joglekar

If  I  were  a  bird

Virinchi  Joglekar

IV B Garnet

One day, when I woke up, went to the toilet, and then went to brush my teeth, I saw a picture of a bird's head.  I thought my mother had put it up, and started brushing my teeth.  Then, I noticed the head was moving like mine.  I was too short to see my face in the mirror.  So, I took a chair and stood on it.  I saw that the bird's head was on my head!  I tried to take it off but it won't budge.  Then I saw that on my hands I had wings and bird feet instead of my feet!  I was worried what to say to my parents and my older brother.  I quickly brushed my teeth and went down.  I tried to convince my parents that it was not a disguise but they put me in a cage.  Luckily, it was Sunday so I didn't miss school.

"Eat your food, bird," I heard my mother's voice.  I remembered that yesterday I turned into a strange creature.  When my mother opened the cage, I took the advantage and flew away.  I took some rest on a big mango tree.  Then I wondered how to go to school.  I had my tests and I had to go.  I flew high in the sky and when I reached school I was afraid to swoop down to the gate while going so fast.  So, I landed on the terrace.  I went to my class and the test was about to begin.  I quietly took my test book and flew to the fan.  Luckily the teacher didn't notice me.  After I finished my test I was about to go to the teacher and ask her if I could go to the toilet.  I stopped myself and waited.  When the teacher called my roll number, I dropped the book on her desk.  That was the time she noticed me and I flew to the toilet.  I flew away.  I did the same thing everyday and hid in different places.  At last my tests were over.

That day I slept in my nest.  I was glad I didn't have to pay for it.  When I got up I found out I had eggs!  After around twenty days they hatched.  They were not birds and not humans.  They were creatures like I had turned into.  I suddenly thought of what to name them.  I decided to name one Ajay and the other Vijay.  Then I changed my mind and named them Karan and Arjun.

Many days later I learnt to live like a bird.  I ate worms with my beak and human's food with my mouth.  One day I decided to visit my family.  But I visited only my brother then.  I told him that I had turned into a bird and flew in the air to prove it.  I said to him, "You usually take me double seat on the cycle.  Now, its time for me to return the favour.  So sit on my back.  If it is a dream we won't get hurt and if it is not a dream I can really fly".  He sat on my back and I flew high in the air.

Karan and Arjun had gone out when I came home.  So I went again to my home and after speaking to my parents for a long, long time, they started believing me.  Then out of the window I saw someone aiming a gun in the sky.  I looked up and was terrified!  He was aiming at Karan!  "Karan!", I shouted in bird language, "Come here at once."  Karan obeyed and then called Arjun.  The bullet just missed Karan because I called him and he responded quickly.  "These are my sons."  I said to my mother.  "Your sons?" my mother asked.  I said that it was strange I got eggs even though I was a boy and I was not married.  I then decided to stay with my family.

The next day I got up and flew to the fan, then swooped out of the window and had a nice morning fly.  Then I went to my window and come inside my room again.  I looked in the mirror but thank God I was still the strange bird creature and not something else.

I was happy my sons had a nice home and I was happy for ... just happy!

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